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April Operated ‘ESG Jump Up Internship’, a future work experience project of the Ministry of Employment and Labor
September Operated ‘JUMP ON Mentoring’, a project to support the independence of female teenagers in institutional care


January Consigned and operated Nonsan Social and Economic Integration Support Center
January Youth community activities, rest project (KakaoTalk gift giving, Beautiful Foundation)
February Launched the Elegant President’s Children Scholarship Program
April Opened Songjeong-dong Community House (Mokmok)
June Operated Orange Jump School with Hanwha Life Insurance and Good Neighbors
May Jung Mong-koo Foundation operated On Dream Arts Class with Artis
August Selected as an AVPN Digital Innovation Fund project sponsored by
September Participated in KOICA-NGO Edu-corps program
November Digital empowerment project supported by Microsoft
November Operated ‘Cultural Exchange Sports Activity Program’ to improve the educational environment for children in Malaysia
December Selected as a Bryan Impact Impact Ground Innovation Organization


January Operated the Local Win-Win Job Project (Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Business Agency)
July Operated Smilegate X Jump Smile Club
August Operated Jump Together (Gyeonggi-do Self-Reliance Support Organization)
September Operated Rainbow Stepping Stone Mentoring with Kolon
November Certified as a JUMP social enterprise


January Operated the Clean Area Project (organized by Seoul Metropolitan Government, sponsored by Hyundai Department Store Group)
February Merged JUMP X Corporation with HUB Corporation
March Operated ALtogether mentoring program with Air Liquide Korea
July Signed MOU with H-Jump School Vietnam, Hyundai Motor Group’s university student education volunteer program
July Operated Incheon Airport Value Jump Program with Incheon International Airport Corporation
July Operated the Hi-One Scholarship Program with Gangwon Land


February Published the 5-year performance report of the Hyundai Motor Group University Student Education Volunteer Program
May Won the IMPACT SPC Award for SK Group’s “Social Performance Incentive” (Best Award)
August Implemented the Clean Gyeongbuk Project (Seoul, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Gyeongsangbuk-do Economic Promotion Agency)


April Operated Samsung Electronics’ social contribution program “Samsung Smart School”
May Operated LH Corporation’s Kids Mentoring University students mentor training and counseling
May Operated the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education’s ‘2018 Dream Career Special Lecture’ and career concert
August Operated the Lotte Scholarship Foundation’s Hope Mentoring Refresher Course
October Implemented the Clean Region-Jeju Project (Jeju Ole-Seogwipo City Development Fund Agreement)
October Signed MOU for H-Jump School with Hyundai Motor Group and Kangwon National University


February Launched “Win-Win Mentoring” program with Ewha Womans University and Seodaemun-gu
February Launched “HY Jump” program with Hanyang University and Seongdong-gu
3월 Signed MOU with ETUS Education to share education
9월 Started supporting Gyeonggi-do education platform ‘Visiting Learning Classrooms’


March Started the first period of “Era Sharing School” with Seoul National University and Seongdong-gu (5 periods until 2021)
April Signed MOU with Seoul National University for SH Corporation’s “Vision School”
May Published H-Jump School Scholarship Guidebook and Mentor Guidebook
June JUMP Daegu Secretariat opened
August Signed an MOU with Hyundai Motor Group and Kyungpook National University for “H-Jump School Daegu”
August Selected as a finalist in the Google Impact Callenge
September Signed MOU with Hansung University and Seongbuk-gu for “Hansung University-Seongbuk Future Sharing School”


March Selected and operated 『JUMP Fellow』 with YBM
August Published H-Jump School Research Report


June Started the 1st JUMP Ansan activity with Gyeonggi-do Office of Education and Danwongo
July Published H-Jump School Operation Manual
September Signed MOU for 『KU Jump Seongbuk』 with Korea University and Seongbuk-gu Office
September KU Jump Seongbuk Future Sharing School 1st activity started (5 sessions until 2019)
October Authorized as a corporation under the Ministry of Employment and Labor
December Selected as a designated donation organization


August Signed an MOU with Hyundai Motor Group and Seoul Scholarship Foundation for H-Jump School
September Started the first class of H-Jump School scholarship program (10 classes until 2023)


January Registered as a non-profit organization


May Selected as the 1st team of the Ministry of Employment and Labor’s Prospective Social Entrepreneurs Training Project
August Selected the 1st batch of educational volunteers (bouncers) for JUMP and started activities

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