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Value of the Jump Community

Join Us to Maximize our Potential

Jump Community

JUMP Community brings together the authenticity of diverse people.

By connecting teenagers, university volunteer teachers, and professional mentors to solve educational inequality,
we create a community where the value of sharing and learning is sustainable.
We partner with people who are passionate about solving the world’s problems to increase our impact.

After you’re done volunteering
continue to connect with

Education Volunteers

Mentors who take time out of their busy schedules to share the values they’ve learned in their lives.

Professional Mentors

Giving back to bridge the education gap
to bridge the gap in education


Partners who support us in finding ways to address educational inequality.


Discussing and working together to find the best ways to solve problems


The JUMP community is a healthy virtuous circle that brings everyone together.

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The JUMP Community is a community of people who want
to solve the problem of educational inequality with heartfelt action.

By connecting our community of youth and university student volunteers, professional mentors, sponsors, and partners,
we create a virtuous cycle where the next generation helps the next generation.
This creates a sustainable foundation for teens and university students who are feeling stuck in career, life, and other areas of their lives to safely imagine their future and grow.

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