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Expanding Sustainable Educational Opportunities

The fair expansion of educational opportunities envisioned by Jump cannot be achieved through its efforts alone.

Jump collaborates with various stakeholders to promote healthy growth and expand educational opportunities for future generations. Over the past 12 years, working in collaboration with the educational welfare ecosystem, Jump has connected university volunteers to teenagers from diverse backgrounds through learning center teachers, who are essential partners and members of the Jump community.

It has been discovered that for teenagers from diverse backgrounds to obtain sustainable educational opportunities, the sustainability of the learning center teachers who embrace them is essential.

"I've spent decades working in welfare and looking to retire, but I don't even expect severance pay."

"The head of the center is also looking into credit loans to pay for the center's rent, which has risen to gentrification."

By supporting the hidden contributors, the learning center teachers who are actively addressing social issues within their communities, Jump believes it can create a healthy cycle of sharing that connects teenagers with university students/young mentors, thereby establishing a solid foundation in the education field.

Jump supports the sustainable livelihoods of these learning center teachers with the belief that their sustained influence will ultimately nurture teenagers into positive contributors to society. This is facilitated through interest-free loans.

Ongoing Projects

Jump continues to connect growth opportunities with various partners.

Cheering for you! Plus : Learning Center Teachers Interest-Free Loan

  • Support Period : 2023 – Present
  • Sponsorship : Brian Impact Impact Ground Fund, Individual donors
  • Subject to support : Learning center employees working with Jump
  • Details : Supporting sustainable livelihoods of learning center teachers through interest-free loans under the “Cheering for you! Plus” initiative ensures a healthy cycle of sharing that connects teenagers with university students/young mentors and establishes a strong presence in the education field. This initiative supports learning center teachers facing socio-economic challenges.

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