How JUMP Works

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Board of Directors

#Diverse members #Direct decision-making
  • Board mambers share core vision and value of JUMP. Founding members are six friends who attended Harvard Graduate Schools at the same time.
  • Since 2017, JUMP added three new members (one alumni, one mentor, and one employee) to fully represent JUMP community and to develop future leadership
  • JUMP directors are appointed for three years and selected via open recruiting.


#Site-focused #User-focused #Growth
  • JUMP members share a common mission and vision and solve societal problems together
  • Colleagues with various roles and authorities communicate horizontally, discuss, and make decisions with a focus on the work, not the position.
    We think of youth and university students first and cooperate to solve problems while focusing on what’s happening on site.
  • JUMP members share and learn from each other’s experiences and know-how. Seniors pass down beliefs and standards, while juniors bring new thoughts, methods, and goals to the table.
  • We support training costs to achieve personal growth, rich lives, and expertise at work and encourage clubs within the office so members can develop their personal competences and interact actively.


#Measurable #Sustainable
  • JUMP aims for participants’ real growth and long-term, positive changes at educational sites and in educational welfare. Rather than a one-way problem-solving approach, we continuously measure and analyze data to reflect points of improvement in our programs as we practice impact-oriented, sustainable development.
  • We periodically visit educational sites to interview those involved and measure local demand and qualitative changes.
  • To measure practical results, we constantly 1) plan key indices of success for programs and participants to be measured at the beginning, middle, and end of a program, and 2) constantly collect data on youth and university student activities. All this combined data is analyzed, drafted into a report of our results, and applied to future projects.
  • Furthermore, the social value created by JUMP through reduction of private education costs, career exploration for youths and university students, cost of sending instructors from educational welfare organizations, etc., is measured in terms of financial value and announced each year.

Transparent operation

#Transparent operation #Expertise #Accountability
  • JUMP’s partners and sponsors agree with JUMP’s new educational model and expertise to reduce inequality due to polarization in education and support our long-term viewpoint.
  • JUMP’s project costs and donations are used transparently in accordance with rules and standards, and the soundness of their use is evaluated by reliable outside organizations such as accounting firms annually.

The spread of fair educational opportunities and creates meaningful change in our society.
Together with JUMP! Create a better future!