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Participation in Learning Center

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Jump designs programs with a focus on the needs of participants and collaborates with local communities and field experts to address social issues.

By leveraging resources such as existing spaces in local communities, social welfare facilities, businesses, specialized personnel, and infrastructure, Jump enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of programs. It supports a community-oriented solution system for local communities.

Distinctiveness of Jump Programs

Long-term Volunteering

Through continuous and long-term engagement over one year, participating teenagers gain psychological stability and consistent academic guidance. This results in improved academic efficiency and the formation of bonds/trust relationships with volunteers.

Verified Capacities of Youth and University Students

Prior to activities, Jump clarifies the purpose through pre-activity education, enhancing volunteers’ sense of responsibility, diligence, and communication skills. During activities, managing by specialized personnel and ongoing training positively influences volunteers’ motivation and diligence.

Participation in Learning Center Selection Process

It’s crucial that participating volunteers possess not only basic educational qualifications but also traits and capabilities suitable for learning center environments. During the interview process, one representative or manager from the learning center directly participates in selecting volunteers.

Role of the Office

To operate programs, each program is assigned a dedicated manager responsible for managing university student volunteers, planning and conducting educational training programs, and providing support for issue resolution. This helps maintain a university student dropout rate of below 10%.

"The best aspect for me is that the selection process and educational needs from the field are considered from the beginning. Selecting teachers who fit well with our children from the start, and the educational and management programs for university students from Jump, seem to positively impact motivation and diligence compared to other university student educational volunteering programs."

Hee-sung Byeon, Social Worker, Seoul Gajaewool Children's Center

"Thanks to Jump's university volunteer teachers, I believe that the local children's center will move away from being perceived as a place for 'difficult children' to becoming recognized as a 'great place for children to grow.' Just as schools are trusted by parents in public aspects, I think local children's centers can earn trust as educational welfare institutions offering high-quality education through programs like Jump's activities. If Jump's activities expand, more children can receive educational benefits, and the local children's center could be recognized as the best welfare institution for children."

Jin-seop Seo, Center Director, Daegu Good Friends Local Children's Center

JUMP recruits learning centers to work with by inviting public participation and sends out young adults / university student as volunteers.

As learning centers are key partners in JUMP’s projects, they are the key agents, and our goal is to cooperate with community-based educational organizations to support welfare systems that are interwoven with the community.

What is a learning center?

It is an organization that implements education for teenagers as one of JUMP’s partners, such as a local children’s center, children’s welfare organization, youth center, multicultural family support center, or alternative school.


JUMP learning centers have their doors wide open. Any local organization or group that works with dedication to protect the dreams of children and teenagers, the future of our society, is welcome here.

Application Process for Learning Centers

1. Document Review
2. Field Assessment

Every second half of the year, we call for applications from learning centers to partner with Jump for the upcoming year.
By signing up for Learning Center Call Notifications below, we will send you an email when we announce calls for learning centers in your area.

Learning Center MAP

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