Educational/welfare organization and learning center participation

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JUMP recruits learning centers to work with by inviting public participation and
sends out young adults / university student as volunteers.

As learning centers are key partners in JUMP’s projects, they are the key agents, and our goal is to cooperate with
community-based educational organizations to support welfare systems that are interwoven with the community.

What is a learning center?

: It is an organization that implements education for youths as one of JUMP’s partners, such as a local children’s center, children’s welfare organization, youth center, multicultural family support center, or alternative school.


JUMP learning centers have their doors wide open. Any local organization or group that works with dedication to protect the dreams of children and youth, the future of our society, is welcome here.

Application process

1. Document screening
2. Site screening

What sets JUMP programs apart?

Long-term volunteer activities

Through ongoing one-year connections, participating young people have a sense of psychological stability and consistent academic guidance to increase their academic skills and form close, trusting relationships with their mentors.

Proven skills with young adult·university students

Pre-training before activities clearly sets the purpose of the activity and improves mentors’ sense of responsibility, faithfulness, and communication. Activities managed by expert leaders and supplementary training have a positive effect on mentors’ motivation and faithfulness.

Participation in the learning center selection process

As participating mentors have basic knowledge of education, it is important that they have the disposition and competence suitable for learning centers. JUMP participates in the mentor selection process with one representative or manager from the learning center during the initial screening interview.

Role of the secretariat

An expert manager is allotted to each program to manage SAMs, plan/run education and training programs,
and support resolution of problems and issues. This keeps the mentor dropout rate below 5%.

In the second half of each year, we invite public participation to find learning centers that will work with JUMP next year.
Leave your contact details below to receive notifications and more information about recruitment of local learning centers.

The spread of fair educational opportunities and creates meaningful change in our society.
Together with JUMP! Create a better future!