Alumni-mentor membership connected continually and in stages

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All members of JUMP’s community develop while discovering and interacting with their own role models.

We connect teenagers with SAMs / young adult and connect those young adults with mentors from community to offer
role models at each stage and provide various opportunities and locations so activities can move to the next level.

Alumni (Graduate) Community

Customized Benefits for Young Adults

Young adults who have completed activities are called “alumni” and become members who can participate in JUMP’s community. JUMP alumni receive support with customized resources such as lectures on language study and certificates, Crayon Solutions’ Youth 5.5 Special loans, and more. They share various benefits and information through these activities and participate in arts and culture events, etc.

Ongoing Activities and Networks

Various experiences within the community are available to JUMP alumni. Alumni share their experiences and know-how at orientation and mentoring events for the benefit of new mentors as they serve as peers for junior mentors. They participate in contests or reading groups through small activity groups of alumni and receive ongoing career mentoring so they can find jobs or become entrepreneurs.

Growth as a mentor from community

After alumni go out into society, they can undergo screening to become mentors from community. Just as they grew through the mentoring they received as mentors, they now continue a virtuous circle of sharing to foster new talent and help the next generation grow.

Join Us to Maximize our Potential

Alumni-mentor membership
connected continually and in stages

Applicants to become mentors as
members of community
Number of alumni working as
mentors from community

While serving as a SAM for JUMP, I was proud to participate in solving societal problems and issues and discovered that I am a person who is very much oriented toward social values. I believe that inequality in education and information doesn’t stop after high school, but persists into university. Now, as a mentor from society, I want to help by sharing my experiences with junior SAMs practicing kind-hearted sharing

- Jang Hye-rin, mentor from society (JUMP Ansan 1st term alumni)

Networks of mentors from community

Groups of mentors from community support the growth and happiness of young people, from teenagers to university students or other young adults, and believe in JUMP’s mission and vision. They are a community of members of community driving equitable change and growth together with youth.

Mentor networks propose and share a range of methods to transmit their expertise, experience, and wisdom with sincerity to the next generation.

The result has been various positive effects including understanding of and motivation for the next generation and opportunities to dedicate themselves and grow as people where needed.

JUMP meets with mentors and alumni in various fields through annual events to create more virtuous circles among mentor networks and to help them gain motivation and support for activities while confirming these virtuous circles of sharing and learning.

JUMP mentors from community meet their colleagues with various viewpoints to help each other grow and share ideas, opportunities, contacts, and other positive interactions.

I need to decrease the gap with those in their 20s at work, and sometimes I ask them what they watch on YouTube.
They also help me a lot. My friends may ask what kind of friend this is, but we share a lot of stories, just like friends.

Lee Ji-young, mentor

I think mentoring as a member of society was a process of finding myself.
Seeing one person's development motivates me for a new start!

Kim Su-yeon, mentor

The spread of fair educational opportunities and creates meaningful change in our society.
Together with JUMP! Create a better future!