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JUMP plans programs with a focus on end users and solves societal problems
together with communities and local experts

We connect with resources such as community spaces or facilities as well as companies, expert manpower, and infrastructure to increase our programs’
efficiency and effectiveness with support systems that are interwoven with communities.


Long-term activities tailored to users’ needs

JUMP has long-term activities of at least 1 year, not supplier-focused temporary activities.

Educational mentoring

  • University students and other young adults systematically provide customized mentoring with curriculum suited to each student’s level.
  • Trusting relationships formed over a long period of time improve teenagers’ emotional stability as well as their academic results thanks to consistent academic guidance. Furthermore, this allows community organizations to conduct stable programs and ongoing, customized education.

Projects connecting young adults with regions

  • Young adults stay in a region for a long time and conduct educational activities, community activities, and corporate work as needed.
  • Urban young people grow together with their communities while solving the problems of educational inequality and declining young populations.

JUMP SAMs become homeroom teachers for teenagers and work continuously with a sense of responsibility.
This gives children psychological stability and consistent academic guidance to improve their grades. Stable programs and customized education are possible thanks to sustained, long-term activities, and children can grow and change through trusting relationships formed with their mentors.

Jang Hee-ju, Director of Mentor Regional Children’s Center, Seoul


On-site experts personally select young adults

Young people working locally must have the tendencies and competences suited to that location, just as they must have knowledge and understanding of societal problems. JUMP participates together with educational welfare organizations and representatives/managers from local companies in screening interviews to personally select young adults and university students. This is because it is important that the viewpoints of managers from these organizations and companies be reflected as they are experts with a discerning eye and good criteria for selection.

We believe the best aspects are those reflecting the opinions or requirements of educational sites beginning with the selection process. From the very beginning, we select teachers who will fit well with our children, and JUMP training and management of university students gives them more motivation and faithfulness than other programs that train university mentors

Byeon Hee-seong, social worker at Gajaeul Regional Children's Center, Seoul


Proven competence of young adults

JUMP young adults are selected through interviews and trained to improve their understanding of the goals of organizations and corporations and of sites and those they will work with through curriculum. While forming a team from one organization or business, young adults depend on and help each other with powerful cohesion and encouragement. Furthermore, since young people are sent by organizations and companies and activity goals are clearly stated, they have a greater sense of responsibility than individual activity leaders. JUMP young adults constantly think about how to qualitatively improve activities and communicate with managers from organizations or companies, so trust in on-site experts is high.

Thanks to JUMP's university mentors, local children’s centers have gone from “places for difficult children” to “good places for children to grow”. Just as a school is trusted by parents in official matters, local children's centers are considered local social and educational welfare centers that provide the same quality programs as JUMP If JUMP can expand its activities so more children can enjoy their benefits, these local children's centers will become “the best places for children”

Seo Jin-seup, director of Good Friends Local Children's Center, Daegu

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