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Educational curriculum to improve mentors’ competence

JUMP runs educational projects with systematic programs and expert operating
know-how so youths and university students from diverse backgrounds can enjoy fair opportunities for education.

JUMP’s young adults work as teachers giving teenagers academic guidance for one year.
During this period, they maintain close relationships with their mentees and offer academic support, emotional support, and development of particular aptitudes. Teenagers as well as young adults in various psychological stages of development and growth may struggle or be hurt if activities are conducted without the necessary preparation. To anticipate and prevent these problems, JUMP provides regular education and training courses to its mentors, such as workshops and facilitation training, to help activities run smoothly and efficiently.

Yearly Curriculum

Category Time Goal Key Details
Pre-training Twice before the activity starts • Promotes understanding of the activity

• Forms bonds between SAMs

• Improves educational and guidance skills

• Accustomizing to methods of forming good relationships

• Understanding of program curriculum

• Understanding of myself, understanding of youth

• Understanding of educational institutions and volunteering

• Teaching methods, methods of forming relationships

• 1-year activity plan and establishment of goals

• Meetings with activity manager, etc

Opening ceremony and orientation When the activity begins • Enhanced self-esteem, sense of responsibility

• Sense of belonging

• Ice-breaking, team-building

• Special lectures, meetings with older members, mentoring

• Vow ceremony, proof of scholarship completion, etc

New school year
preparation meeting
Once per semester • Youth training and activity planning for each organization • Mentor meetings for each organization conducting activities
In-person meetings Once per semester • Solving difficulties for each activity

• Feedback and discussion of improvement plan

• Relationship between learning center and SAM, activity location checkups

• Submission of problems with activities

Academic guidance
Refresher training
Within 2-3 months after the activity starts • Academic guidance and emotional support reflecting the youth’s needs, actual problems, etc.

• Improvement of problem-solving skills

• Effective teaching methods, methods of forming relationships

• Discussion of steps to take when problems occur

Midterm workshop Midterm workshop • Report on the current state of learning center activities

• Sharing of useful activity information between SAMs

• Sense of responsibility and determination for future activities

• Midterm activity checkup

• Second-half activity goals/planning

• Academic guidance and emotional support in-depth training

• Mentoring, etc

Closing ceremony • Closing and words of encouragement when completing one year of activities

• Improved self-esteem as a mentor

• Examples of excellent activities and sharing opinions

• Closing of activities and announcing impressions for each organization conducting activities

• Announcement of excellent examples of mentoring by members of society and awards

Career mentoring expertise

JUMP offers mentoring so SAMs / young adults can use their own competences to grow into tolerant members of future society. Teenagers can grow in a healthier way through mentoring provided by young adults, and likewise, young adults can grow in desirable ways thanks to mentoring by mentors from community.

272 mentors from community selected according to strict standards by JUMP are currently working as support for the happy future of SAMs / young adults.

Mentoring includes advice and counseling on a wide range of topics from adults in their 20s who are already employed. Through this mentoring, SAMs / young adults can get practical help with their lives or careers.

Mentoring is tailored to the needs of those who are mentored, and participants are matched one on one, in small groups, and in larger groups. JUMP’s SAMs / young adults are mentored 1:1 by one or two mentors and also experience small group mentoring 10-16 times and group mentoring 2-3 times in a year.

JUMP mentoring tutorial
01. Formation of mentor groups
/SAMs groups

For excellent SAMs
Formation of SAMs groups / groups of mentors from comunity

2. 1:1 connections

The office matches mentors and SAMs based on mentors’ keywords and the SAMs waiting list, then instructs them on 1:1 mentoring

3. 1:1 mentoring

Start 1:1 mentoring

01. SAM planning

Survey of all SAMs interests/small group formation
Information sent by the office

2. Mentor liaison

Liaison based on mentor information such as fields of interest, job, and job category mentioned in application by mentor from society

3. Small group mentoring activities

Start Small group mentoring activities

01. Selection of issues of interest

Survey on SAMs’ interests
Selection of issues important to people in their 20s living in Korea

2. Secretariat planning

Forum planning

3. Mentor liaison

Liaison based on mentor information such as fields of interest, job, and job category mentioned in application by mentor from society

4. Salon de JUMP

Start Salon de JUMP (Group mentoring)

Customized programs operated by expert managers

JUMP assigns one dedicated manager for each 50 young adults
to plan local customized projects focused on users with expertise and consistency.

Dedicated managers connect the various participants such as organizations hosting projects and young adults and direct activities so they run smoothly. Systematic training is provided so young adults can do their activities well, and mentors’ dropout rate is kept below 5% through problem management, etc. There is ongoing communication with the educational welfare organization manager to qualitatively improve educational sites and programs, and these opinions are reflected at the site.

Participant Manual

JUMP has manuals to aid in the understanding of programs for all key participants in its programs, including Educational/welfare organization and learning center,
SAMs / young adults, and mentors from community.

for Educational Welfare Organizations

Operating Manual

for SAMs / young adults

Activity Guide

for Mentors from community

Mentoring Guide

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