Measuring and Research

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JUMP collects data through surveys throughout the entire course of a project from planning to follow-up,
measures achievements, and integrates this to derive results with a focus on analyzing a program’s achievements.

We study cases and effectiveness together with experts in various fields such as education, welfare, economy, and
administration as well as with internal yardstick surveys and external research organizations.

Public-Private Partnership Meets Corporate Social Responsibility: The Case of H-JUMP SCHOOL

  • Research organization : Yonsei University School of Administration / Head researcher: Hong Sun-man (Yonsei University School of Administration Professor)
  • Research subjects : JUMP, Hyundai Motor Group, Seoul Scholarship Foundation program general manager
  • Research method : Analysis of data on current status, interviews with key participants, in-depth focus group discussions, literature review, etc.
  • Research funding : National Research Foundation of Korea
  • Research results : SSCI (social sciences citation index) published in international journal
  • Download paper : Public–private partnership meets corporate social responsibility—the case of H-JUMP school

Can Prosocial Behaviors Be Nurtured? Experimental Evidence from the Scholarship Program Reform by Korea University

  • Research organization : University of Tokyo/Seoul University/Korea University School of Economics / Head researchers: Yasuyuki Sawada, Shim Seung-gyu (University of Tokyo School of Economics professors)
  • Research subjects : University students participating in JUMP programs or Dream Class, university students who left scholarship programs, university students in general, etc.
  • Research method : Game-type measurement of the attitudes toward life of students who received volunteer scholarships
  • Download paper : KUJUMP_Can Prosocial Behaviors Be Nurtured_ Experimental Evidence from the Scholarship Program Reform by Korea University_

A Case Study of a Social Contribution Project by Hyundai Motor Group in the Field of Education: H-JUMP School Program Results and Development Plan

  • Research organization : Hanyang University Sector 3 Lab / Head researcher: Ju Seong-su (Hanyang University School of Public Policy professor)
  • Research subjects : Key participants in H-JUMP School (youths, university student volunteers, managers of local welfare organizations, etc.)
  • Research period : 2014 to August 2015
  • Research method : Analysis of data on current status, structured surveys, in-depth interviews with focus groups, discussion with key participants, literature review, and project data analysis
  • Download report : Download 2014 research report / Download 2015 research report

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