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Participant Growth and Change

We all experience growth and change together with various key agents joining in
JUMP’s journey to create a society in which all can develop.


Private education cost reduction
Better grades
Mental health/role models,
career decisions

Young adult SAMs

sense of achievement
Improved soft skills
Balanced talent

Learning centers

Reduced instructor costs
Sustainable operation
Stable programs

Mentor from community

Social contributions
Inner growth
Network expansion


Intergenerational communication
Stimulation of local economy/culture
Formation of healthy community cultures

As of July 2019


Total teens


Total SAMs


Total learning centers


currently learning centers


Total study hours


Reduction in private education costs


Reduction in cost of university student career education


Substitution effect of local children’s centers hiring instructors

Various programs

JUMP’s impact and changesare not the work of JUMP alone.

We work with various partners who believe in our mission and vision and dream of expanding fair opportunities for
education while eliminating socioeconomic inequality through our model.

2013 – 2023
Hyundai Motor Group Education Volunteer Corps
H-JUMP School
2016 – Present
Future Sharing School together with Hansung University-Seongbuk / Kwangwoon University-Seongbuk / University of Seoul-Seongbuk
2016 – Present
SIDAE Sharing School together with Seongdong-gu-University of Seoul
2017 – Present
Joy of win-win Mentoring together with Ewha Women’s University-Seodaemun-gu
2017 – Present
Gyeonggi-do Educational Platform JUMP School together with Gyeonggi-do Office, Gyeonggi-do Provincial Institute for Lifelong Learning
2014, completed
JUMP Ansan together with Gyeonggi-do Office of Education and Danwon High School
2014 – 2018, completed
KU JUMP Seongbuk Future Sharing School
2016 – 2018, completed
Vision School together with Seoul Housing and Communities Corporation-University of Seoul
2017 – 2018, completed
HY JUMP together with Seongdong-gu, Hanyang University
2019 – Present
Local Youth Stay – Gyeongbuk Project together with Seoul Metropolitan Government – Province of Gyeongsangbuk-do – Gyeongsangbuk-do Economic Promotion Agency
2018, completed
Local Youth Stay – Jeju Project together with Jeju Olleh-Seogwipo Educational Development Fund
2018, completed
Samsung Smart School together with Samsung Electronics Social Contribution
Apr.2018 – Present
Mentor and Kid Friends Basic Education and Counseling Center with Korea Land and Housing Coporation
Hope Mentoring Training with Lotte Scholarship Foundation
2015, completed
JUMP Fellows with YBM education/youth sponsorship project
Feasibility study & consulting
– Japan : Feasibility study with Katariba & Peace winds Japan (2018)
– Mongolia : Feasibility study with Future of Mongolia NGO (2017)
– Nepal : Feasibility study with Kalimati Community Development Centre funded by KCOC (2016)
– Philippines : Consulting for education volunteering program called DREAM ON PROJECT (2015)
Mentoring workshops
– Mentor experience exchange, Korea-Philippines university student mentoring workshop (2016)
– Korea-Philippines university student mentoring to share experience and knowledge from members of society (2017)
– Selected for local surveys of incubating programs with public-private partnerships supervised by KCOC (2016)
– Selected for the Global Social Enterprise Promotion Service by Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency (2015)



Top 10 in Google Impact Challenge

JUMP, with its business model aiming to implement its program model in local groups, universities, and social companies throughout Korea so they can share knowledge and operate well, was selected as one of the top 10 innovative groups making positive changes in society by the Google Impact Challenge (GIC).


IMPACT SPC prize in Social Performance Incentive Award

JUMP participates in Social Progress Credit(SPC) programs to reward expansion and measurement of a company’s social impact in financial terms via incentives. We were awarded the IMPACT SPC prize for excellent growth in social results among incentivized companies two years running at the Social Performance Incentive Awards hosted for 180 companies participating in the program.

JUMP’s local education forums and exhibitions

Jeju Educational Solutions Forum

Hosted a form to seek solutions for education and share ideas for future educational innovation in Jeju with
networks of various key agents in the world of education

  • Host/Supervisor : JUMP, Jeju Social Economy Support Center/
  • Date/Location : Sept. 15, 2017/Jeju Social Economy Support Center

Goseong, Gangwon Career and University Exhibition

Held a career and university entrance exhibition for 250 middle and high school students from the Goseong region of Gangwon-do to share information on careers and university entrance and their entrance experiences

  • Host/sponsor : JUMP, Goseong-gun Office / ETOOS Education
  • Date/Location : Mar. 29, 2019 / Goseong stadium

Connection with external resources so participants can grow multilaterally

Suyu English Village
for youth

·Period : 2015 – Present
·Target : Learning center Teens

Language classes and MOS
study/exam support

·Period : 2014 – Present
·Target : SAMs/young adult

Online video lecture vouchers,
study materials

·Period : 2017 – 2019
·Target : Learning center Teens

Sam & Parkers
Career books

·Number of copies : 8,542
·Target : Learning center Teens, SAMs/young adult

Invitations to movie premiere

·Period : 2018 – Present
·Target : Learning center Teens, SAMs/young adult

JUMP’s History


February Publication of Hyundai Motor Group University Student Educational Volunteer Group 5-Year Report
May Won SK Group Social Performance Incentive Award
August Conducted Local Youth Stay – Gyeongbuk Project
(Seoul-Gyeongsangbuk-do-Gyeongsangbuk-do Economic Promotion Association)


April Operated Samsung Smart School with Samsung Electronics Social Contribution
May Operated Kid Mentoring university student mentoring training and counseling with Korean Land and Housing Corporation
May Operated 2018 Dream Career Special Lecture and Career Concert with Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education
May Feasibility study with Katariba & Peace winds Japan NGO
August Operated Lotte Scholarship Foundation Hope Mentoring refresher training
October Conducted Local Youth Stay – Jeju Project
(agreement with Jeju Olleh-Seogwipo Development Fund)
October Signed MOU with Hyundai Motor Group for joint H-JUMP School with Kangwon University


February Launched Win-Win Happiness Mentoring program with Ewha Women’s University-Seodaemun-gu
February Launched HY JUMP program with Hanyang University-Seongdong-gu
March Signed MOU for ETOOS Education Sharing
August Feasibility study with Future of Mongolia NGO
September Operated Seeking Classroom support project
(Gyeonggi-do education platform)


March Began activities for 1st term of Era Sharing School with University of Seoul-Seongdong-gu (5 terms until 2021)
April Signed MOU for Vision School with Seoul Housing and Communities Corporation-University of Seoul
May Issued H-JUMP School SAM and mentor guidebooks
June Opened JUMP office in Daegu
August Signed MOU for H-JUMP School Daegu with Hyundai Motor Group-Kyungpook National University
August Selected as finalist in Google Impact Challenge
August Selected for local survey for public-private partnership incubating program in Nepal by KCOC
September Signed MOU for Hansung University-Seongbuk Future Sharing School with Hansung University-Seongbuk-gu
November Feasibility study with Kalimati Community Development Centre (Nepal) funded by KCOC


March Selected and ran JUMP Fellowship with YBM
August Issued H-JUMP School Research Report


June Started activities for 1st JUMP Ansan with Gyeonggi-do Office of Education-Danwon High School
July Issued H-JUMP School operating manual
September Signed MOU for KU JUMP Seongbuk with Korea University-Seongbuk-gu Office
September Began first activities of KU JUMP Seongbuk Future Sharing School (5 terms until 2019)
October Approved as Ministry of Employment and Labor affiliate corporation
December Selected as designated donation group


August Signed MOU for H-JUMP School with Seoul Scholarship Foundation-Hyundai Motor Group
September Began first activities of H-JUMP School SAMs (10 terms until 2023)


January Registered as nonprofit group


May Selected as first team for project to promote budding social businesspeople by the Ministry of Employment and Labor
August First mentor selection and activities

Partnership Inquiries

JUMP is always seeking to solve youth, local, and societal problems together with its partners and to provide fair opportunities for education. If you are interested in working on sustainable projects or discussing partnerships with JUMP, click on “Contact” below! We will get back to you within two weeks after receipt.

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