About JUMP

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JUMP is a nonprofit educational social venture company that practices the values of sharing and diversity by training tolerant,
talented people and expanding educational opportunities to youths from various backgrounds.
Through a partnership model focused on local sites, we conduct various programs to solve a range of problems in our society,
such as gaps in education, youths, and opportunities, in measurable, sustainable ways.

Mission and Vision


JUMP is creating a society in which everyone can enjoy learning opportunities and can grow without discrimination.


provides fair opportunities for education

JUMP provides fair opportunities for education so young people from various backgrounds can grow while dreaming multifarious dreams.

places for abundant experiences

JUMP provides places for abundant experiences to support young adults and university students developing with balanced talents.

positive changes

JUMP works in close partnerships with various key actors and communities to drive positive changes in our society.

importance of different values

JUMP conducts research and trials so society can realize and respect the importance of different values.

About Our Projects

JUMP thinks and acts so as to protect our core principle of
growth in partnerships, participants, and ecosystems in user-focused and locally focused ways.

Triangular mentoring model(basic)

The triangular mentoring model began by putting considerable thought into solutions to directly and indirectly benefit educational welfare ecosystems and sites and
to help youth and mentors at educational sites grow. It was built through multilateral cooperation with partners with varied resources and
experiences for a sustainable, long-term approach.

local youth stay model

The local youth stay model aims to expand values created by the triangular mentoring model. JUMP’s activities don’t stop with our projects, but rather, we try to have young adults return to and stay in the rural regions experiencing negative youth population growth to experience the important moments in life together with children and to develop together with a broader community and local educational welfare ecosystem. This helps young adults, teenagers, and educational institutions grow along with local businesses and community and promotes ongoing improvement to become a long-term, sustainable solution.

Glocalization model

JUMP will continue to expand our mission and vision through flexible approaches with a local focus.
Sharing fair opportunities and developing talent together with neighbors are problems to think about and solve globally.
We continue to broaden our network of individuals and partners who consider and share our mission in Asia and Africa and toward North Korea.

Sustainable Growth Model

As one of Korea’s best-known nonprofit educational social venture companies, JUMP connects teenagers with young adults and university students and those young adults/university students with mentors from society to provide role models at each step as part of its chain-growth model so each party can constantly grow and connects the various participating entities in society in a co-growth model so that all can develop.

Chain-Growth Model

Ongoing, long-term participation by offering intergenerational role models

Unlike previous programs which offered only one-sided benefit, JUMP connects teenagers with young adults and young adults with mentors from community so all parties can participate in an ongoing way. There is no focus on a particular entity at any given stage, and the programs are designed to motivate all involved so they can grow step by step.

Co-Growth Model

Multilateral partnerships between different sectors of society

JUMP’s importance lies in helping various participants grow together. We have spent time with 1858 SAMs and 6788 teenagers directing academic guidance and mentoring for 9 years and have supported the growth and change of youths through mentoring by 272 members of society. All participants were able to grow qualitatively and quantitatively through partnerships with communities and welfare organizations that arrange places for learning, growth, and dreams of the future. Partners included governments, companies, schools, foundations, and social venture companies working together with JUMP to solve educational inequality and social polarization. Just as the chains of a bicycle interlock from various places to drive movement, JUMP and all its members grow together, needing each other and helping each other shine.

For the past 9 years, JUMP has created verifiable social value through a chain-growth model & co-growth model in which all participants can grow through their connections. We hope to solve the various problems faced by society in more diverse regions in the future through JUMP’s core solutions.

The spread of fair educational opportunities and creates meaningful change in our society.
Together with JUMP! Create a better future!