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Jump strives to represent the voices of socially vulnerable groups
and promote respect for diverse values through research initiatives.

In addition to research in fields such as education, social economics, international development cooperation, and non-profit sectors, Jump focuses on program performance analysis throughout the entire project cycle—from planning to post-project management. It accumulates data through investigations, measures outcomes, and synthesizes results.

Jump conducts case studies and impact assessments in collaboration with internal surveys, external research institutions, and experts from various fields such as education, welfare, economics, and administration.

Public-Private Partnership Meets Corporate Social Responsibility: The Case of H-JUMP SCHOOL

  • Research organization : Yonsei University School of Administration / Head researcher: Hong Sun-man (Yonsei University School of Administration Professor)
  • Research subjects : JUMP, Hyundai Motor Group, Seoul Scholarship Foundation program general manager
  • Research method : Analysis of data on current status, interviews with key participants, in-depth focus group discussions, literature review, etc.
  • Research funding : National Research Foundation of Korea
  • Research results : SSCI (social sciences citation index) published in international journal
  • Download paper : Public–private partnership meets corporate social responsibility—the case of H-JUMP school

Can Prosocial Behaviors Be Nurtured? Experimental Evidence from the Scholarship Program Reform by Korea University

  • Research organization : University of Tokyo/Seoul University/Korea University School of Economics / Head researchers: Yasuyuki Sawada, Shim Seung-gyu (University of Tokyo School of Economics professors)
  • Research subjects : University students participating in JUMP programs or Dream Class, university students who left scholarship programs, university students in general, etc.
  • Research method : Game-type measurement of the attitudes toward life of students who received volunteer scholarships
  • Download paper : KUJUMP_Can Prosocial Behaviors Be Nurtured_ Experimental Evidence from the Scholarship Program Reform by Korea University_

A Case Study of a Social Contribution Project by Hyundai Motor Group in the Field of Education: H-JUMP School Program Results and Development Plan

  • Research organization : Hanyang University Sector 3 Lab / Head researcher: Ju Seong-su (Hanyang University School of Public Policy professor)
  • Research subjects : Key participants in H-JUMP School (teenagers, university student volunteers, managers of local welfare organizations, etc.)
  • Research period : 2014 to August 2015
  • Research method : Analysis of data on current status, structured surveys, in-depth interviews with focus groups, discussion with key participants, literature review, and project data analysis
  • Download report : Download 2014 research report / Download 2015 research report

Urban Youth Local Linkage Social Innovation Governance: Focus on the ‘Local Youth Stay Project’

  • Research Institution: Hallym University / Research Lead: Prof. Kang Min-jeong (Hallym University, Graduate School of Global Cooperation)
  • Research Subject: Social innovation analysis of ‘Local Youth Stay Project’ cases
  • Research Period: July 2022 – June 2023
  • Research Methodology: Data analysis, stakeholder interviews
  • Download Paper : Download Paper


The ambitious goal of spreading fair educational opportunities is not something Jump believes it can achieve alone. Jump also does not believe that it has achieved everything alone through its accumulated experiences.

Dream On Project, Tondo, Philippines
(Local Partner – SRD Center, Collaboration Partner – JUMP UP)

The Dream On Project is a mentoring and scholarship program for teenagers and university students conducted in the Tondo region of the Philippines. Jump collaborated with the social enterprise JUMP UP to consult on efficient and effective program operations, sharing Jump’s triangular mentoring model and expertise to localize operating methods suitable for the local community context.

  • Project Period: 2016 – 2017

JUMP UP is a social enterprise created by Jump alumni to bridge educational gaps overseas based on their experiences.

Local Youth Stay – Suncheon Project, Suncheon, Korea
(partners – Suncheon Urban Renewal Support Center, Jeojeon-dong Local Support Center)

Suncheon Project is a part of job creation in Suncheon and entails youth staying in Suncheon to solve local community problems through work and volunteering and to enable reinvigoration of the region and urban renewal. JUMP supports program management and empowerment as well as consulting based on its knowledge of models linking young adults with regions.

  • Project Period: June – December 2019

Seed School, Cheongju, Korea
(partners – Sharing Education Platform Seed (Cheongju Content Promotion Institute))

Seed School is a program launched through franchising JUMP’s triangular mentoring model. JUMP supports and advises on overall program operation as a consultant.

  • Project Period: June, 2019 – present

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