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Spreading Educational Opportunities

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Local-focused, sustainable virtuous cycle model

JUMP’s global expansion model will expand our mission and vision through flexible access with a local focus.

JUMP works with international partners who also want to solve the problem of unequal educational opportunities regardless of country borders. In particular, we work with local change makers such as educational organizations, communities, companies, and NGOs who understand the local environment and culture.
We conduct surveys of the region and participants in advance and provide local environmentally-friendly programs customized for their participants.

Direction of the Global Model

Localization of Circulation Models

Developing localized circulation models that reflect the specific cultural, economic characteristics, and demands of each region, supporting local NGO partners to internalize solutions effectively over the long term.

Empowerment and Growth of Local Future Generations

Creating a localized sustainable model where local youth/university volunteers and professional mentors are interconnected to spread educational opportunities for future generations. Building a sustainable model where all participants grow based on peer mentoring and role modeling.

Social Franchising of Jump Solutions

Alongside the Jump circulation model, spreading Jump’s various solutions such as physical activity mentoring, creative arts teacher training, digital education, and future generation support programs tailored to local needs and requests. Advocating partnerships based on social value.

Formation of Global Communities

Centrally around the Jump circulation model and various solutions, facilitating exchange and sharing of community resources, operational know-how among participants across nations and regions. Collaboratively exploring and seeking more effective methods to spread educational opportunities in each locality.

Programs in Progress

Jump is connecting growth opportunities with diverse partners.

Hyundai Jump School Vietnam

  • Partners : Vietnam National University, VPV, KCCC
  • Project Period : 2020 – Present
  • Project Area : Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Details : The Vietnamese version of H-Jump School, successfully implemented in Korea with support from Hyundai Motor Group. Through the partnership between Hyundai Motor Group and Vietnam National University, providing high-level learning mentoring to youth in Hanoi needing better educational opportunities. Vietnamese Hyundai mentors and cultural exchanges with Korean scholars.

KOICA-NGO Education Cooperation Volunteers EDU-COPS

  • Support : Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)
  • Partners : The Promise Foundation (NGO), Seoul Volunteer Center
  • Project Period : October 2022 – March 2024
  • Project Areas : Philippines, Timor-Leste, Cambodia
  • Details : EDU-COPS is an educational cooperation volunteer group dispatched after the pandemic to bridge educational disparities in overseas regions, pursuing social innovation volunteers to solve social issues in new ways. KOICA EDU-COPS selects 40 members for a year-long educational volunteer program in the Philippines, Cambodia, and Timor-Leste, organizing local residents to build a circulation model tailored to local conditions.

Panama/Malaysia Children’s Education Environment Improvement Project – Cultural Exchange Sports Program Operation

  • Partners : KOPIS, POSCO, Enuma Co., Ltd.
  • Project Period : 2022 – Present
  • Project Areas : Malaysia, Panama
  • Details : Based on Korean culture, the holistic physical activity teacher training program supports physical and emotional health and holistic growth for children and adolescents in countries lacking physical activity.

Air Liquide Altogether Global

  • Support : Air Liquide Foundation
  • Partners : Vietnam Educational Social Venture CSWC
  • Project Period : January 2024 – Present
  • Project Area : Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
  • Details : Providing the AL-together mentoring model operated by Air Liquide Korea to teenagers and university students in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, customized to local needs. Includes mentoring by Air Liquide Group employees and internship opportunities.

Philippines Cebu Jump Triangular Mentoring Program

  • Support : Brian Impact Foundation
  • Partners : Paglaum Center, Ganaanland
  • Project Period : January 2024 – Present
  • Project Area : Cebu, Philippines
  • Details : Continuation of core group activities initiated by EDU-COPS members in 2023, positioning the program with a local focus through the formation of a social mentor group, enhancing local NGO capacity.

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