Glocalization Model
(global expansion)

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Glocalization Model

JUMP’s global expansion model will expand our mission and vision through flexible access with a local focus.
JUMP works with international partners who also want to solve the problem of unequal educational opportunities regardless of country borders. In particular,
we work with local change makers such as educational organizations, communities, companies, and NGOs who understand the local environment and culture.
We conduct surveys of the region and participants in advance and provide local environmentally-friendly programs customized for their participants.

Global Process

01. Feasibility study

· Environment Analysis
· Resources Analysis
· Demand Analysis

02. Planning

· Building Partnership
(Organizing local friendly program)

03. Localization

· Pilot program
· Program manual for partners and volunteers
· Instruction / Training / Consulting

04. Expansion

· Community-self operation
· Spread out to the other communities

Global Projects

  • Japan : Feasibility study with Katariba & Peace winds Japan NGO (2018)
  • Mongolia : Feasibility study with Future of Mongolia NGO (2017)
  • Nepal : Feasibility study with Kalimati Community Development Centre funded by KCOC (2016)
  • Philippines : Consulting for education volunteering program called DREAM ON PROJECT (2015)
Responsibility as a member of civil society

JUMP will also strive to achieve Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) as a member of the global civil society.
In order to create a better world, we support the goal 4. Quality Education and goal 10. Reduce Inequality.

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality
education and promote
lifelong learning opportunities for all

Reduce inequality within and
among countries


The Challenge of JUMP Alumni

In 2015, the alumni of JUMP in Korea, who had completed their commitment to JUMP,
gathered to fight the growing problems of educational inequality in the world.
JUMP UP(Universal Project) was founded to create changes through the sharing of educational activities.

JUMP UP aims

  • to encourage university students to be the active participant in addressing the problems of educational inequality.
  • to create the virtuous cycle where the beneficiaries, current local students, will grow into future providers of quality education

JUMP UP’s Approach

JUMP UP offers the followings to construct local educational environments and provide fair educational opportunities to future generations

  • Operation and consultation of university student mentor programs
  • Education/mentoring/seminar programs tailored to users’ needs
    – Mentor experience exchange, Philippines – Korea university student
    – University student mentoring to share kwledge from members of community
  • Activity guides, textbooks, and manuals
Key JUMP UP Projects

JUMP UP conducted the Dream On Project in the Tondo region of the Philippines,
one of the three poorest places in the world. We worked together with the SRD Center promoting university student talent development and
scholarship projects there to provide the activity guides and manuals needed for university students to guide teenagers.
As a consulting partner, we also worked with local staff so the program could operate in a stable way.
Filipino and Korean university student mentors shared their experiences through workshops and planned careers together as part of this international exchange,
and we also offered various other programs for the students’ growth and experience.


The Dream On project is a scholarship and education program for Filipino students that is sponsored and supported by the Korean company Payletter,
B Society responsible for program planning and communication. The program is overseen by the NGO SRD Konkokyo Center (SRD Center),
which works in the Tondo region of Manila in the Philippines.

JUMP UP strives to expand globally JUMP’s virtuous circle of sharing through education volunteer programs. JUMP goes to communities willing to provide fair educational opportunities for all. JUMP seeks committed local partners and people and works with them to provide learning experience to the youth and young adults from the community.

The spread of fair educational opportunities and creates meaningful change in our society.
Together with JUMP! Create a better future!