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Linkage of educational resources

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Teenagers/young adults from diverse backgrounds, diverse educational opportunities

Jump operates various educational programs to promote healthy growth
and learning opportunities for future generations.

Education involves not only acquiring knowledge and continuing academic pursuits but also nurturing physical and mental health as responsible members of society. It entails acquiring new skills and envisioning and realizing a better society through their application.

Jump connects educational resources such as physical education for physical and mental health, artificial intelligence/digital technology education, and programs like creative arts teacher training to provide diverse experiences for teenagers and young adults from various backgrounds who need educational opportunities.

Business Direction

Resource Connection as Needed

Jump connects resources by understanding the essential needs and demands of future generations.

Long-term Support

Jump aids in accumulating various opportunities and experiences necessary for growth through a long-term approach, not a temporary one.

Diverse Participants, Diverse Opportunities

Jump provides diverse opportunities and experiences for teenagers, university students, and young adults from various backgrounds who require learning opportunities.

Programs in Progress

Jump collaborates with various partners to connect growth possibilities.

Digital Empowerment Project

  • Sponsor : Microsoft Project
  • Duration : 2022 – Present
  • Content : This project helps everyone, regardless of background, to gain digital educational opportunities and enhance their capabilities to prepare for the future. It conducts education programs on the latest digital technologies such as digital utilization and productivity AI to increase accessibility and strengthen capabilities.
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Woowahan CEO’s Children Scholarship

  • Sponsor : Chairman Kim Bong-jin of Woowa Brothers
  • Partners : Baemin, Social Welfare Shared Fund Project
  • Duration : 2022 – 2026
  • Content : The Woowahan CEO’s Children Scholarship is a scholarship program for children of restaurant owners. It supports university students from restaurant-owning families needing an educational safety net to nurture their dreams and grow through scholarships (educational expenses) and capacity enhancement programs.
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Ondream Arts Class

  • Partners : Chung Mong-Koo Foundation, Artis (UK) Project
  • Duration : 2022 – Present
  • Content : Through teacher training, this program integrates various artistic activities such as music and drama into the curriculum to enhance students’ learning abilities in classrooms.

Orange Jump School

  • Partners : Hanwha Life, Good Neighbors
  • Project Locations : Seoul, Jeonbuk
  • Project Duration : 2020 – Present
  • Content : The Orange Jump School with Hanwha Life combines sports activities tailored to adolescent motor development with play, promoting healthy bodies and fostering social and competitive growth through collaboration and optimal play.

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