Mentor from community groups

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Mentor from community groups

Groups of JUMP mentors from community are support networks for SAMs’ happy future.

Mentoring is available in a wide variety of fields from academics to government, engineering, business (foreign/large/small businesses), economy/finance,
law, medicine, the press, education, arts and culture, and civil society. Mentors offer advice unsparingly and form a network.

JUMP mentors from community

JUMP members and supporters selected through a set
JUMP mentor approval process

Employee mentors from partners

Program partners’ employees/alumni who mentor young
adults for each specific program.

Mentor from community groups


JUMP mentors from community


employee mentors of partners

As of 2019, we have 272 JUMP mentors from community, 264 employee mentors of partners, and 77 JUMP alumni mentors.

Application process for mentor from community groups

1. Submission of applications

Write and submit a simple CV, resolutions as a JUMP mentor from society, and mentoring keywords.
Submit application

2. Board of Directors approval

The board of directors screens based on the submitted application.
(Takes 7-10 days)

3. About activities and support

JUMP mentors from society are responsible for paying fees and are eligible for election to the board. Pledge to pay support fees without a regulated minimum.

4. Begin activities

Serve as a mentor to university student mentees (SAMs) through 1:1, small group, and large group mentoring.

※ We will keep you updated in detail on the recruitment process once you have submitted your mentor application.

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