Triangular Mentoring Model(Basic)

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Triangular mentoring

Teenager & university student volunteers + university students & members of
community providing career mentoring

Teenagers-SAMs-mentors from community share and learn in a virtuous circle
We are creating a society in which all can
enjoy opportunities to learn without discrimination.

JUMP’s triangular mentoring model connects youths with SAMs and SAMs with mentors from society so all can continue to participate.
It gives motivation to all participating entities so they can grow incrementally.

What is a SAM?
At JUMP, young adult/university student mentors are called SAM.
A SAM is a “student as a mentor” and refers to a young adult or university student volunteer who shares his or her knowledge with
teenagers as they grow together.
SAMs mentor teenagers for one year and serve as role models offering academic guidance and emotional support.


JUMP SAMs drive change as prepared teachers
for youth through motivation and systematic training.

Academic guidance

SAMs spend time with teenagers to provide academic mentoring for about 6-8 hours per week for one year. They improve teenagers’ basic skills and provide interest and motivation while helping youth realize their goals and dreams.

Emotional support

SAMs provide support via customized counseling at teenagers’ level as well as career exploration and planning. They form bonds of sympathy and closeness through this process. SAMs are role models who contribute to establishing desirable values and attitudes in teenagers.

Career mentoring

JUMP dreams of solving societal problems
with young adults and university students, the future leaders of society.

SAMs undergo a series of courses in education, training, and mentoring to develop as tolerant, talented people. Just as SAMs communicate with teenagers and support their growth, mentors from society who believe in JUMP’s vision help SAMs to integrate into society through expert mentoring in each field.

Soft skills?
refers to mental skills such as cooperative skills, a sense of responsibility,
problem-solving skills, and communication skills rather than technical/practical skills

Number of JUMP mentors from society

(as of July 2019)



JUMP provides mentoring so SAMs can use their own competences and develop as talented members of future society. Mentoring includes advice and counseling on a wide range of topics from adults in their 20s who are already employed.

Group of mentors from society

Mentoring method

1:1 mentoring

1:1 Mentoring

Mentors and SAMs are matched and interact one-on-one. Mentors who are members of society with expertise listen to SAMs’ individual goals and concerns and share practical advice to support their growth.

Small group mentoring

Small Group Mentoring

One mentor and 3-7 SAMs form a group to discuss topics related to jobs and careers. SAMs with the same interests as the mentor meet to communicate in person, form memberships, and explore fields of interest in depth.

Group mentoring

Group mentoring

Mentoring in the form of a forum on specific planned topics based on SAMs’ main interests. 3-4 mentors converse and listen to questions on various topics from jobs to social issues, giving SAMs a chance to acquire new interests and think in terms of development.

Programs conducted

JUMP connects potential for growth with various partners.

Hyundai Motor Group Education Volunteer Corps H-JUMP School

  • Partners : Hyundai Motor Group, Kyungpook National University, Pusan National University, Kangwon University,
    Daegu Seo-gu Office, Hyundai Motor Workers’ Union
  • Project regions : Seoul, Gyeonggi, Gangwon, Daegu, Ulsan, Busan
  • Period : 2013 – 2023

Future Sharing School

Hansung University-Seongbuk Future Sharing School / Kwangwoon JUMP Seongbuk Future Sharing School
JUMP Seongbuk Future Sharing School / University of Seoul-Seongbuk Future Sharing School

  • Partners : Seongbuk-gu Office, Hansung University, Kwangwoon University Alumni Association, University of Seoul
  • Project region : Seongbuk-gu, Seoul
  • Period :
    • Korea University (2014-2018, completed)
    • Hansung University (2016 – Present)
    • Kwangwoon University Alumni Association (2018 – Present)
    • University of Seoul (2019 – Present)

SIDAE Sharing School

  • Partners : Seongdong-gu Office, University of Seoul
  • Project region : Seongdong-gu, Seoul
  • Period : 2016 – Present

Joy of win-win Mentoring

  • Partners : Seodaemun-gu Office, Ewha Women’s University
  • Project region : Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
  • Period : 2017 – Present

Gyeonggi-do Educational Platform JUMP School

  • Partners : Gyeonggi-do Office, Gyeonggi-do Provincial Institute for Lifelong Learning
  • Project region : Gyeonggi-do
  • Period : 2018 – Present

JUMP Ansan (completed)

  • Partners : Gyeonggi-do Office of Education, Danwon High School
  • Project region : Danwon High School, Ansan
  • Period : 2014

Vision School (completed)

  • Partners : Seoul Housing and Communities Corporation, University of Seoul, Givu effect
  • Project region : Nowon-gu, Seoul(Seoul Housing and Communities Corportatoins Nowon Center Vision School)
  • Period : 2016 – 2018

HY JUMP (completed)

  • Partners : Seongdong-gu Office, Hanyang University
  • Project region : Seongdong-gu, Seoul
  • Period : 2017 – 2018

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