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JUMP cannot complete its main goal of expanding fair educational opportunities alone.
The experiences JUMP has had throughout its lifetime have also not been the work of JUMP alone.
We share our dream of a society in which all can grow together with other groups and companies who strive to create a society with
more know-how and expertise to expand social impact.

Dream On 프로젝트, 필리핀 톤도 지역 (현지 파트너-SRD center, 협업 파트너-JUMP UP)

Dream On 프로젝트는 필리핀 톤도지역에서 진행된 청소년-대학생 멘토링 및 장학 프로그램입니다. 점프는 *사회적 기업 JUMP UP과 함께 효율적, 효과적인 프로그램 운영을 위해 점프의 삼각멘토링 모델 사례와 노하우를 공유하고, 지역사회 상황에 맞게 운영 방법을 현지화 하여 대안을 찾을 수 있도록 컨설팅을 진행하였습니다.

  • 활동 기간: 2016 – 2017년

JUMP UP은 점프 알럼나이들이 자신의 경험을 바탕으로 해외의 교육격차 해소를 위해 만든 사회적 기업 입니다.

Local Youth Stay – Suncheon Project, Suncheon, Korea
(partners – Suncheon Urban Renewal Support Center, Jeojeon-dong Local Support Center)

The Local Youth Stay – Suncheon Project is a part of job creation in Suncheon and entails youth staying in Suncheon to solve local community problems through work and volunteering and to enable reinvigoration of the region and urban renewal. JUMP supports program management and empowerment as well as consulting based on its knowledge of models linking young adults with regions

  • Period: June, 2019 – present

Seed School, Cheongju, Korea
(partners – Sharing Education Platform Seed (Cheongju Content Promotion Institute))

Seed School is a program launched through franchising JUMP’s triangular mentoring model. JUMP supports and advises on overall program operation as a consultant.

  • Period : June, 2019 – present


JUMP strives to ensure that the voices of the underprivileged are heard and that
respect for diverse values is expanded through research.

JUMP studies fields related to education, social economy, international development partnerships, and nonprofits, collects data through surveys throughout the entire course of a project from planning to follow-up, measures achievements, and integrates these to derive results with a focus on analyzing a program’s achievements.

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